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                                                - 9 -                                                  
            had a television in the family room.  At some point in 1989, Mr.                           
            Bowers bought a 35-inch television for the Mandarin house.  By                             
            the summer of 1989, petitioners had a leather sofa and chairs in                           
            the living room.  A copper-tiered mirror hung in the foyer.  The                           
            formal dining room was not furnished.  The kitchen had a dinette                           
            set and matching bar stools of white rattan with pale blue                                 
            cushions; the table top was glass.  The refrigerator was a large                           
            side-by-side model with ice and water dispenser in the door.  The                          
            kitchen was wallpapered, as were at least two of the bathrooms.                            
            Some of the rooms had fabric window treatments that matched the                            
            decor of the room.  There was a kidney-shaped swimming pool in                             
            the backyard.5                                                                             
            Sale of the Burlington House                                                               
                  On March 23, 1989, Florence received a mortgage loan from                            
            Connecticut National Bank in the amount of $45,921.30.  The                                
            proceeds were used to pay off the loan on the Burlington house                             
            borrowed from Hartford National Bank & Trust Co. on April 23,                              
            1980.  This new loan was to be paid off in full on September 29,                           
            1989.  United Bank & Trust Co. released its attachment of the                              
            Burlington house on March 27, 1989.                                                        
                  On July 6, 1989, Mr. Bowers applied to First Performance                             
            Mortgage Corp. for a mortgage on the Burlington property in the                            

            5 In 1990, Mr. Bowers transferred title to the Mandarin                                    
            property to Deborah by quitclaim deed.  Petitioners sold the                               
            Mandarin house in late 1992.                                                               

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