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                                               - 17 -                                                  
            run his other businesses.  He was there intermittently, going                              
            back and forth between Connecticut and Florida.  Mr. Bowers                                
            received mail and had an answering machine there.                                          
                  World Class Boxing had its base of operations in                                     
            Connecticut.  Mr. Bowers served as a manager of fighters and did                           
            some promotions.  Previously, Mr. Bowers had been involved with                            
            Marlon Starling Enterprises, another fight concern.  George Cruz                           
            trained fighters for Marlon Starling Enterprises and for World                             
            Class Boxing.  Mr. Cruz often would contact Mr. Bowers through                             
            Sound Ideas, because if Mr. Bowers were not there, someone at                              
            Sound Ideas would know where to reach him.                                                 
                  The only business that Mr. Bowers received any income from                           
            in 1989 was Technical Acoustics, Inc. (TAI).  TAI assembled                                
            equipment for sound reinforcement and telecommunication.  Mr.                              
            Bowers was the sole owner of TAI, and he moved TAI from                                    
            Connecticut to Jacksonville, Florida, during late December of                              
            1988 or early January of 1989.  The three TAI employees relocated                          
            as well.  The same moving company moved TAI, Mr. Bowers, and his                           
            three employees.  The items Mr. Bowers shipped to Florida                                  
            consisted mostly of clothes contained in several wardrobe boxes                            
            and one bedroom set from the condo.  That bedroom set went to the                          
            Mandarin house, which was purchased in late January of 1989                                
            shortly after the TAI relocation to Florida.                                               
                  By mid-February 1989, TAI had opened a checking account with                         
            Enterprise National Bank of Jacksonville, Florida.  TAI used a                             

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