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                                               - 21 -                                                  
            904-363-0848 (fax).14   The office and fax numbers belong to TAI;                          
            the home number is that of the Mandarin house.  Both the first                             
            and second listing contracts were faxed to Mr. Bowers in Florida.                          
            The second listing contract was returned to Leaders by fax on                              
            August 30, 1989, from TAI.  Leaders tried unsuccessfully to                                
            extend the listing beyond September 28, 1989, and sent                                     
            correspondence to Mr. Bowers at the TAI fax number on October 9,                           
            1989, and on October 10, 1989.                                                             
                  Leaders prepared an appointment sheet for each property that                         
            it listed, on which it would record each time the property was                             
            shown by any real estate agent.  The showing instructions on the                           
            appointment sheet for the Burlington house read "vacant lock                               
            box".  It was Leaders' practice to have its agents meet and tour                           
            each newly listed property on the Tuesday following receipt of                             
            the listing.                                                                               
                  Barbara Brenneman (Ms. Brenneman) is a 50-percent owner of                           
            Leaders and a licensed realtor in the State of Connecticut.  Ms.                           
            Brenneman personally showed the Burlington property to potential                           
            buyers on three occasions during August and September 1989.                                
            Also, whenever she was in the neighborhood, she would enter the                            
            Burlington house to check on it.15  On one occasion, she let a                             

            14 The designations specified within the parentheses were                                  
            made by Barbara Brenneman, a 50-percent owner of Leaders.                                  
            15 It was Leaders' practice to check on the vacant listed                                  
            properties to make sure the properties were secure, that no                                

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