Donald D. Bowers and Deborah Bowers - Page 20

                                               - 20 -                                                  
            Mr. Bowers' mortgage application for the purchase of the Mandarin                          
            Mr. Bowers' Children                                                                       
                  During 1989, Mr. Bowers' oldest son, Lonny, attended                                 
            college; he lived in the condo for awhile.  In the spring or                               
            early summer of 1989, Lonny moved to West Palm Beach, Florida,                             
            and began working for the GAP.  Mr. Bowers' middle son, Kevin,                             
            who was then 16 years old, lived in the Burlington house with                              
            Florence until April of 1989.  At that time, Florence took Kevin                           
            to the airport to go to Florida to live with Mr. Bowers.                                   
            However, if Kevin went to Florida at that time, he shortly                                 
            returned to Connecticut.  Kevin spent most of the next few months                          
            living with his uncle, Bill, in Newington, Connecticut.  In the                            
            fall of 1989, Kevin went to live with Deborah's parents in                                 
            Augusta, Georgia.  Mr. Bowers' youngest son, Duane, lived with                             
            Florence throughout 1989.  Lonny was the only one of Mr. Bowers'                           
            three children who visited the Burlington house at any time after                          
            Florence quitclaimed it to the Trust on July 26, 1989.                                     
            Leaders Real Estate                                                                        
                  Leaders was the realtor with which Mr. Bowers signed the two                         
            listing contracts on the Burlington Property described above.                              
            Leaders had the following telephone numbers at which to contact                            
            petitioners:  904-363-0833 (office), 904-292-9419 (home), and                              

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