Donald D. Bowers and Deborah Bowers - Page 13

                                               - 13 -                                                  
            on October 13, 1989, described the Burlington property as 3 acres                          
            offered for the price of $379,9009 and listed the following                                
            telephone numbers:  evening & weekends 904-292-9419; weekdays                              
            904-363-0833.  These phone numbers, respectively, are those of                             
            the Mandarin house and Mr. Bowers' business, Technical Acoustics,                          
            Inc., both located in Jacksonville, Florida.                                               
                  On October 17, 1989, Mr. Carey paid $2,000 to Connecticut                            
            National Bank as good faith money to keep the bank from                                    
            foreclosing on the Burlington house.  This money was provided by                           
                  On November 27, 1989, the Janases made a deposit in the                              
            amount of $10,000 on the purchase of the Burlington property.  On                          
            December 8, 1989, Mr. Carey transferred title to the Burlington                            
            house to the Janases by warranty deed.  The Janases purchased the                          
            Burlington property for $320,000.  They also paid $750 to the                              
            settlement attorneys for settlement fees, title examination, and                           
            document preparation.                                                                      
                  Proceeds from the sale of the Burlington property were used                          
            to pay off the mortgage held by Shawmut Bank in the amount of                              
            $67,598.56 and the mortgage held by Connecticut National Bank in                           
            the amount of $33,367.72.  Settlement charges to the sellers                               
            (petitioners), consisting of recording fees and taxes, totaled                             

            9 This included all three lots comprising the Burlington                                   
            property, whereas the property that had been offered for sale                              
            through Leaders had excluded one of those lots.                                            

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