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            whether any of this work constituted improvements that increased                           
            their basis in the Burlington property or the amount of any such                           
            increase; at the time the property was sold over 20 years later,                           
            it was in a deteriorated, run-down condition.                                              
                  In October of 1987, Mr. Bowers and Florence separated, and                           
            Mr. Bowers moved out of the Burlington house.  He initially                                
            rented an apartment in Farmington, Connecticut, for the period                             
            from October 7, 1987, to May 7, 1988, for a total rent of $5,250                           
            (or, $750 per month).                                                                      
                  When Mr. Bowers and Florence were divorced on April 15,                              
            1988, they agreed and the court ordered that:                                              
                        Real property located at 71 Nassahegan Drive,                                  
                  Burlington, Connecticut, and the adjoining lot shall                                 
                  remain with [Florence], as her residence, until sale,                                
                  remarriage or at such time when the minor children                                   
                  reach the age of 18 years, whichever occurs first.                                   
                  [Florence] will not further encumber the property                                    
                  without [Mr. Bowers'] permission which must be                                       
                  requested and given in writing.  An existing mortgage                                
                  on the aforementioned property held by [Mr. Bowers] in                               
                  the fact [sic] amount of $50,000.00 will be forgiven at                              
                  the time of the sale assuming no further encumbrances                                
                  are added by [Florence].[2]  At the time the property is                             
                  sold or when the youngest child reaches the age of 18                                
                  years, or remarriage, whichever occurs first, the                                    
                  property will be sold and the equity shall be shared                                 
            During the court proceedings regarding this divorce agreement,                             
            Mr. Bowers represented that, in addition to the $50,000 mortgage,                          

            2 The U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Connecticut, had                                  
            issued a judgment on July 6, 1987, that this same mortgage was                             
            decreed avoided.  That judgment was entered in the Burlington                              
            land records on July 29, 1988.                                                             

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