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                                                - 6 -                                                  
                  During a portion of Mr. Bowers' tenancy, the condo contained                         
            two bedroom sets, a dinette set, a sofa, a stereo, and sports and                          
            exercise equipment.  The furniture was the type that had to be                             
            assembled.  Mr. Bowers also kept his autographed boxing gloves,                            
            his trophies, and his golf clubs at the condo.                                             
                  On November 21, 1988, Citytrust filed a release of                                   
            attachment with respect to its December 17, 1987, attachment of                            
            the Burlington house.  On November 29, 1988, the Superior Court                            
            for the Judicial District of Hartford/New Britain (the Superior                            
            Court) entered a Stipulation as to Modification of Dissolution                             
            Judgment.  That stipulation provided that:                                                 
                        [Florence] shall sell the premises known as 71                                 
                  Nassahegan Drive, Burlington, Connecticut, and the                                   
                  adjoining lot and use her best efforts to receive the                                
                  highest and most reasonable offer.  The net proceeds                                 
                  from the sale shall be divided as follows:                                           
                        (a)  Seventy-five (75%) percent to [Florence]; and                             
                        (b)  Twenty-five (25%) percent to [Mr. Bowers]                                 
                        The parties hereto shall use their best efforts to                             
                  compromise the existing liens or encumbrances against                                
                  the above-mentioned real estate including the claim by                               
                  Citytrust Bank.                                                                      
            Other modifications to the original divorce judgment included                              
            increased alimony for Florence, but only until the sale of the                             
            Burlington house when all alimony would cease, and increased                               
            child support for Kevin and Duane.  The Superior Court issued an                           
            order on January 31, 1989, in accordance with a stipulation by                             
            Mr. Bowers and Florence, that the mortgage held by Mr. Bowers was                          
            released; this order was recorded in the land records on March                             

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