Donald D. Bowers and Deborah Bowers - Page 15

                                               - 15 -                                                  
            Burlington house was listed as the former address for both                                 
            petitioners, with Mr. Bowers' section stating he had lived at                              
            that address for 11 years.10   The telephone numbers given for                             
            Mr. Bowers were a home phone number of 292-9419 and a business                             
            phone number of 363-0833.  Those phone numbers were to the                                 
            Mandarin house and Technical Acoustics, Inc., respectively.  Only                          
            a home phone number was listed for Deborah; that number was 292-                           
            9419.  Petitioners' assets as listed on the mortgage application                           
            included $6,347.10 deposited in Barnett Bank of Jacksonville and                           
            $5,588.34 in Enterprise National Bank of Jacksonville.                                     
            Petitioners listed no other bank accounts.  Petitioners indicated                          
            that they intended to occupy the Jacksonville Golf house as their                          
            primary residence.  Petitioners moved into the Jacksonville Golf                           
            house on December 15, 1989.                                                                
            Homestead Exemptions                                                                       
                  Florida residents are eligible for an exemption from Florida                         
            property tax of $25,000 of the assessed value of their homes.                              
            Petitioners did not file an application for the homestead                                  
            exemption for the Mandarin house for 1989.  For 1990 petitioners                           
            filed applications for homestead exemptions for both the Mandarin                          
            house and the Jacksonville Golf house.  Mr. Bowers completed the                           
            application for the Mandarin house exemption, which was dated                              

            10 The number of years given for Deborah's length of                                       
            residence at the Burlington house is illegible on the copy in                              

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