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               Around June 1989, petitioner received a notice from the FmHA           
          indicating that he had defaulted on his loans and that the FmHA             
          intended to enforce the security agreements against his chattel             
          by repossessing, foreclosing on, or obtaining a court judgment              
          against the property.  Shortly thereafter, the FmHA foreclosed on           
          petitioner’s chattel.  On or around November 18, 1989, the                  
          chattel was sold at auction by Schlegel Auction & Clerking Co.              
          (Schlegel Auction) on behalf of the FmHA.  On November 27, 1989,            
          Schlegel Auction issued a joint check to petitioner and the FmHA            
          for the auction proceeds of $13,790.                                        
               On January 31, 1990, the FmHA sent petitioner a letter                 
          indicating that petitioner had defaulted on his 1983 and 1984               
          loans and that he had an outstanding balance of $35,554 as of               
          January 31, 1990.  The letter also enclosed an Application for              
          Settlement of Indebtedness.  In 1990, the FmHA relieved                     
          petitioner of indebtedness in the amount of $31,238.8                       
          Tribal Council Expenses                                                     
               Petitioner served on the tribe’s council from October 1983             
          until March 1990.  While serving as a member of the tribal                  
          council, petitioner held various positions, including vice                  
          chairman and assistant secretary/treasurer.  Petitioner held                
          “about 17 different jobs” at various times, including Tobacco               

               8The record does not indicate the reason for the discrepancy           
          in petitioner’s outstanding FmHA loan balance as of Jan. 31,                
          1990, and the amount of indebtedness relieved by the FmHA.                  

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