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          Commissioner of the tribe, game warden, environmental specialist,           
          and various volunteer positions on behalf of the tribal                     
          council.  From about September 1988 until June 1990, and again in           
          1994, petitioner earned $150 per week as Tobacco Commissioner.              
               Any expenses petitioner incurred in connection with services           
          performed on behalf of the tribal council were covered by a                 
          reimbursement policy.  Under the reimbursement policy, petitioner           
          was entitled to receive from the tribal council $75 for every               
          meeting he attended, even when there were multiple meetings in a            
          single day (meeting payments).  The meeting payments were an                
          incentive to persuade people to attend meetings.  Under the                 
          reimbursement policy, petitioner was also entitled to claim                 
          reimbursement for meals, travel mileage, lodging, airfare, and              
          other miscellaneous expenses.  According to the reimbursement               
          policy, petitioner was required to submit a form detailing the              
          expenses he incurred, with attached receipts, and requesting the            
          meeting payments he was entitled to receive.  Petitioner kept               
          track of his expenses by keeping calendars and receipts.                    
               Sometime around February 1992, the tribal council stopped              
          making reimbursements to petitioner.  Petitioner stopped                    
          submitting reimbursement requests around August 1993.                       

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