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          banks.  While working as a lending officer, petitioner dealt with           
          real estate agents and reviewed mortgage loan applications.                 
          Petitioner became a full-time homemaker when her grandniece Alexa           
          moved into her home in 1995.                                                
               Mr. Ohrman has worked for Spicers Paper, Inc. (Spicers                 
          Paper), in Gresham, Oregon, as its regional manager for the                 
          Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, divisions for several            
          years including 1999.  As of the time of trial, Mr. Ohrman’s                
          salary was $135,000 per year, and his take-home pay was                     
          approximately $6,800 per month.                                             
          Mr. Ohrman’s Gambling Addiction                                             
               Mr. Ohrman has an admitted gambling addiction.  Petitioner             
          first became aware of Mr. Ohrman’s gambling in 1993.  In 1998,              
          Mr. Ohrman enrolled in Project STOP (the State of Oregon gambling           
          treatment center) to seek treatment for his gambling addiction.             
          Petitioner participated in Project STOP’s “significant other”               
          program to support Mr. Ohrman.  While participating in Project              
          STOP, Mr. Ohrman revealed to petitioner that he had accrued                 
          approximately $200,000 in outstanding gambling debts on various             
          joint credit cards held in Mr. Ohrman’s and petitioner’s names.             
          Mr. Ohrman graduated from Project STOP on December 19, 1998, and            
          received a Certificate of Achievement.                                      
               During the Project STOP program, petitioner was advised to             
          block Mr. Ohrman’s ability to obtain money.  Pursuant to this               

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