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          clothing, items stored in the garage of the Birdshill residence,            
          his tools, and a 1997 Honda automobile.                                     
          Petitioner’s and Mr. Ohrman’s Relationship After Their “Financial           
               Although petitioner and Mr. Ohrman were legally separated as           
          of July 2001, they continued to reside together.  They remained             
          at the Birdshill residence until June 20, 2002.  On June 10,                
          2002, petitioner sold the Birdshill residence for $520,000.                 
          Petitioner received $63,087 in proceeds from the sale of the                
          Birdshill residence.                                                        
               After the sale of the Birdshill residence, petitioner and              
          Mr. Ohrman rented a room together at a hotel in Portland from               
          June 21, 2002, through July 15, 2002.  On July 15, 2002,                    
          petitioner purchased a new personal residence on Carlton Street             
          in Portland (Carlton residence) for $363,000.  Petitioner made a            
          downpayment of $79,438 to purchase the Carlton residence.  In               
          petitioner’s Uniform Residential Loan Application for the                   
          purchase of the Carlton residence, dated July 17, 2002,                     
          petitioner listed assets with a total value of $940,000 and                 
          reported a net worth of $525,373.  Petitioner and Mr. Ohrman have           
          resided together at the Carlton residence from July 20, 2002, to            
          at least March 2003.                                                        
               In addition to residing together, petitioner and Mr. Ohrman            
          have been raising their grandniece Alexa together as parents.               
          Petitioner and Mr. Ohrman were awarded full custody of Alexa on             

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