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          any of the IRA distribution request forms.  Mr. Ohrman was the              
          only person who endorsed the distribution checks.                           
               Statements for the months of March, April, May, June, July,            
          and August 1999 for the Dean Witter account were received at the            
          Birdshill residence.  These monthly statements showed that                  
          withdrawals totaling $44,000 were taken from the Dean Witter                
          account in the following amounts:  March, $5,000; April, $5,000;            
          May, $8,000; June, $5,000; July, $13,000; and August, $8,000.  In           
          September 1999, Mr. Ohrman changed the address on the Dean Witter           
          account statements from the Birdshill residence to his work                 
          address at Spicers Paper.  Consequently, the monthly statements             
          for September, October, November, and December 1999 for the Dean            
          Witter account were sent to Mr. Ohrman’s work address.                      
               Mr. Ohrman opened an individual checking account at Wells              
          Fargo Bank (Wells Fargo checking account) prior to December 8,              
          1998, and he used this checking account throughout 1999 in                  
          connection with his gambling.  Mr. Ohrman opened the Wells Fargo            
          checking account without petitioner’s knowledge or consent.                 
          Mr. Ohrman also obtained credit cards in his name alone after               
          graduating from Project STOP.  These credit cards were used to              
          fund his gambling addiction and were not known to petitioner                
          until June 2001.  The early withdrawals taken by Mr. Ohrman from            
          the Dean Witter account during 1999 were used at least in part to           
          pay down the gambling debt attributable to these credit cards.              

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