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          June 21, 2001, petitioner filed for a legal separation from                 
          Mr. Ohrman in Clackamas County (Oregon) Circuit Court.                      
               On June 25, 2001, petitioner and Mr. Ohrman signed a                   
          Stipulated Judgment for Unlimited Separation (separation                    
          agreement), and Mr. Ohrman conveyed his interest in the Birdshill           
          residence to petitioner.  Rackner drafted the separation                    
          agreement for petitioner.                                                   
               On July 3, 2001, Circuit Court Judge Patrick D. Gilroy                 
          signed the separation agreement in the matter of Ohrman v.                  
          Ohrman, Case No. DR0106592.  Mr. Ohrman was not represented at              
          any point during the proceedings for legal separation.  Upon                
          execution of the separation agreement, Mr. Ohrman conveyed to               
          petitioner his interest in the Birdshill residence.  Petitioner             
          also received ownership of a 1998 Lexus automobile, the Dean                
          Witter account, and a 401(k) retirement account that had been               
          held in Mr. Ohrman’s name.  In addition, Mr. Ohrman was required            
          to pay to petitioner spousal support as follows:  (1) $6,000 per            
          month, commencing on July 1, 2001, until the Birdshill residence            
          was sold and the sales transaction was completed; (2) $5,000 per            
          month for 12 months thereafter; (3) $4,000 per month for 66                 
          months thereafter; and then (4) $1,500 per month indefinitely.              
               Pursuant to the separation agreement, Mr. Ohrman has been              
          required to maintain medical, dental, and hospital insurance on             
          petitioner.  He has also been required to maintain life insurance           

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Last modified: May 25, 2011