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          advice, petitioner took control of the family finances in 1999.             
          Petitioner wrote checks to pay the bills, reviewed monthly bank             
          statements, and maintained a file drawer in the Birdshill                   
          residence where she kept the family’s financial records.  In                
          addition, petitioner removed Mr. Ohrman’s name from their joint             
          checking account at U.S. Bank (U.S. Bank checking account) as               
          well as from their joint money market savings account at U.S.               
          Bank.  Petitioner also obtained quarterly credit reports under              
          her name to check for inquiries and new credit during 1999.                 
          Petitioner, however, did not remove Mr. Ohrman’s name from either           
          the $60,000 home equity line of credit held by petitioner and               
          Mr. Ohrman with Wells Fargo Bank (Wells Fargo home equity line of           
          credit) or the joint checking account petitioner and Mr. Ohrman             
          maintained at Key Bank in Seattle.                                          
               After she took control of the family finances, petitioner              
          had Mr. Ohrman’s wages from Spicers Paper deposited directly into           
          her U.S. Bank checking account during 1999.  Petitioner was the             
          only authorized signer on the U.S. Bank checking account, and               
          Mr. Ohrman had no access to this account.  Mr. Ohrman’s wages               
          provided the only income source from which petitioner paid her              
          family’s ongoing living expenses, including Mr. Ohrman’s pre-1998           
          gambling debts.  Despite petitioner’s efforts, Mr. Ohrman’s                 
          gambling addiction persisted through 1999.                                  

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