Nebraska v. Wyoming, 534 U.S. 40, 6 (2001)

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Cite as: 534 U. S. 40 (2001)

Appendix to Decree

acre-feet. For the purpose of determining compliance with this injunction, the amount of water consumed for irrigation from such sources shall be determined by the same methodology and procedures. After ten years of administration, accounting, and reporting under this injunction, the methodology and the ten consecutive year limit will be reviewed by the North Platte Decree Committee pursuant to procedures approved and adopted in the Final Settlement Stipulation to determine if there is a better methodology for calculating the largest amount of water consumed for irrigation in such ten consecutive year period and for determining compliance. In making such calculation, any acreage historically reported by the Wyoming State Engineer as irrigated by direct flow surface water or stored water or as transfers, between 1952 and 1999, inclusive, and used in the existing methodology, shall not be changed. In addition, the other acreage used in the existing methodology shall not be changed unless the North Platte Decree Committee agrees that such change results in a more accurate determination of acres actually irrigated between 1952 and 1999, inclusive. In any new methodology, to determine compliance with the consumptive use limit, the acreage above Pathfinder Dam, when combined with the acreage between Pathfinder Dam and Guernsey Reservoir, cannot exceed the 226,000 acreage limitation pursuant to paragraph II(c). If Nebraska, Wyoming, and the United States agree on a new methodology and a new limit, they shall notify the Court and this paragraph will be modified accordingly. As provided in paragraph XIII, absent agreement on a new methodology and a new limit, Nebraska, Wyoming, or the United States may seek recourse to the Court to resolve these issues.

(c) From diverting or permitting the diversion of water from the North Platte River and its tributaries, including water from hydrologically connected groundwater wells, upstream of Guernsey Reservoir for the intentional irrigation of more than a total of 226,000 acres of land in Wyoming


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