Nebraska v. Wyoming, 534 U.S. 40, 8 (2001)

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Cite as: 534 U. S. 40 (2001)

Appendix to Decree

year are less than the total diversion and use allowed by the order approving such transfer;

Ten years after the entry of this Modified Decree, the provision that enjoins Wyoming from intentionally irrigating more than 226,000 acres upstream of Guernsey Reservoir will be replaced with two injunctions, one that limits the number of acres that can be irrigated above Pathfinder Dam and one that limits the number of acres that can be irrigated between Pathfinder Dam and Guernsey Reservoir. Wyoming has the discretion to designate the irrigated acreage limitation above Pathfinder Dam and the irrigated acreage limitation between Pathfinder Dam and Guernsey Reservoir, so long as the total irrigated acreage limitation does not exceed 226,000 acres. After Wyoming makes such designation, Nebraska, Wyoming, and the United States will so notify the Court and the Modified Decree will be modified accordingly.

(d) From diverting or permitting the diversion of water from the Laramie River and its tributaries, including water from hydrologically connected groundwater wells, downstream of the Wheatland Irrigation District's Tunnel No. 2, exclusive of the area within the Wheatland Irrigation District, for the intentional irrigation of more than a total of 39,000 acres of land in Wyoming during any one irrigation season. The acres in this area to be counted under this injunction shall include the following, provided that an intentionally irrigated acre that receives water from more than one source shall be counted only once:

(1) Acres irrigated by surface water diversions of natural flow;

(2) Acres irrigated by stored irrigation water released from a reservoir;

(3) Acres irrigated with water from hydrologically connected groundwater wells;

(4) The equivalent of the acres found by order of the Wyoming State Board of Control to have been historically irri-


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