Nebraska v. Wyoming, 534 U.S. 40, 15 (2001)

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Appendix to Decree

XII. This Modified Decree shall not affect: (a) The relative rights of water users within any one of the States who are parties to this suit except as may be otherwise specifically provided herein;

(b) Such claims as the United States has to storage water under Wyoming law nor will the Modified Decree in any way interfere with the ownership and operation by the United States of the various federal storage and power plants, works, and facilities;

(c) The use or disposition of any additional supply or supplies of water that may be imported into the basin of the North Platte River from the watershed of an entirely separate stream or the return flow from any such supply or supplies;

(d) The apportionment heretofore made by this Court between the States of Wyoming and Colorado of the waters of the Laramie River, a tributary of the North Platte River, down to and including the Wheatland Project. The waters of the Laramie River below the Wheatland Project are not apportioned by this Modified Decree. The only existing limitation in this Modified Decree on Wyoming's use of the Laramie River is provided in paragraph II(d);

(e) The apportionment made by the compact between the States of Nebraska and Colorado, apportioning the water of the South Platte River;

(f) Water diverted for de minimis uses, defined as: (1) Ponds with capacities of twenty acre-feet or less for purposes other than irrigated agriculture;

(2) Wells with capacities less than or equal to twenty-five gallons per minute for a single project for purposes other than irrigated agriculture; and

(3) Miscellaneous uses that withdraw or divert less than fifty acre-feet per year for a single project other than stock watering, domestic or irrigated agriculture.

XIII. Any of the parties may apply at the foot of this Modified Decree for its amendment or for further relief.

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