Nebraska v. Wyoming, 534 U.S. 40, 17 (2001)

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Appendix to Decree

(g) Failure of the North Platte Decree Committee, or the parties to the North Platte Decree Committee, to act upon, resolve or agree on a matter that has been submitted to the North Platte Decree Committee.

XIV. The costs in the original cause were apportioned and paid pursuant to previous order of this Court. The costs in the present cause and the payment of the fees and expenses of the Special Master have been apportioned and paid according to previous orders of this Court with which the parties agree and the Court hereby confirms.

XV. The clerk of this Court shall transmit to the Governors and Attorneys General of the States of Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska, the Solicitor General of the United States of America, and Basin Electric Power Cooperative, copies of this Modified Decree duly authenticated under the seal of this Court.

XVI. Whatever claims or defenses the parties or any of them may have in respect to the application, interpretation, or construction of the Act of August 9, 1937 (50 Stat. 564, 595-596), shall be determined without prejudice to any party arising because of any development of the Kendrick Project occurring subsequent to October 1, 1951.

XVII. The following provisions are effective for the operation of Glendo Dam and Reservoir:

(a) The operation of the Glendo Project shall not impose any demand on areas at or above Seminoe Reservoir which will prejudice any rights that the States of Colorado or Wyoming might have to secure a modification of the Modified Decree permitting an expansion of water uses in the natural basin of the North Platte River in Colorado or above Seminoe Reservoir in Wyoming.

(b) The operation of Glendo Reservoir shall not affect the regime of the natural flow of the North Platte River except that not more than 40,000 acre-feet of the natural flow of the North Platte River and its tributaries which cannot be stored in upstream reservoirs under the provisions of this

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