Nebraska v. Wyoming, 534 U.S. 40, 20 (2001)

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Cite as: 534 U. S. 40 (2001)

Appendix to Decree

(f) Storage water in Glendo Reservoir from either State's allocation may be used for fish and wildlife purposes downstream of Glendo Reservoir under contractual arrangements with the United States Bureau of Reclamation, subject to approval of Wyoming for contracts for water from Wyoming's storage allocation and subject to approval of Nebraska for contracts for water from Nebraska's storage allocation. Any water released pursuant to such agreement shall not be considered natural flow but shall be administered and protected as storage water in accordance with state law within both Wyoming and Nebraska until used for its intended purposes.

(g) The United States Bureau of Reclamation has the discretion to hold water in Glendo Reservoir in excess of the limitations stated in paragraph XVII(b) in accordance with the operation of the reregulation space in Glendo Reservoir under Permit No. 5998 Res. and Certificate of Construction of Reservoir, as clarified by Order of the Wyoming State Board of Control dated November 29, 2000. Such water may be used, subject to federal law, for the following purposes:

(1) to replace water that passed the Wyoming-Nebraska state line in excess of the amount ordered by canals with storage contracts below the Wyoming-Nebraska state line as the unintended result of physical limitations on the ability to control water deliveries;

(2) to replace evaporation from the storage ownership accounts of Pathfinder Reservoir, Guernsey Reservoir, Seminoe Reservoir, Alcova Reservoir, and Glendo Reservoir; and

(3) to supplement the natural flow that is available for apportionment pursuant to paragraph V.

XVIII. The creation of the North Platte Decree Committee is hereby approved and ratified. Procedures that have been approved and adopted in the Final Settlement Stipulation may be modified from time to time by the North


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