Nebraska v. Wyoming, 534 U.S. 40, 13 (2001)

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Appendix to Decree

(d) The river carriage and reservoir loss calculations established in the Decree of October 8, 1945, have been replaced with administrative procedures attached to the North Platte Decree Committee Charter. These procedures may be modified from time to time by the North Platte Decree Committee.

VI. This Modified Decree is intended to and does deal with and apportion only the natural flow of the North Platte River. Storage water shall not be affected by this Modified Decree, and the owners of rights therein shall be permitted to distribute the same in accordance with any lawful contracts which they may have entered into or may in the future enter into without interference because of this Modified Decree.

VII. Such additional gauging stations and measuring devices at or near the Wyoming-Nebraska state line, if any, as may be necessary for making any apportionment herein decreed, shall be constructed and maintained at the joint and equal expense of Wyoming and Nebraska to the extent that the costs thereof are not paid by others.

VIII. The State of Wyoming, its officers, attorneys, agents, and employees be and they are hereby severally enjoined from diverting or permitting the diversion of water from the North Platte River or its tributaries at or above Alcova Reservoir in lieu of or in exchange for return flow water from the Kendrick Project reaching the North Platte River below Alcova Reservoir.

IX. The State of Wyoming and the State of Colorado be and they are hereby each required to prepare and maintain complete and accurate records of the total area of land irrigated and the storage and exportation of the water of the North Platte River and its tributaries within those portions of their respective jurisdictions covered by the provisions of paragraphs I, II(c), II(d), and II(e). The State of Wyoming is also required to prepare and maintain complete and accurate records of the total consumption of irrigation water in

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