Nebraska v. Wyoming, 534 U.S. 40, 9 (2001)

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Appendix to Decree

gated and that formed the basis for the transfer of water rights where water rights are transferred after January 1, 2001, from an irrigation use that is subject to the limitations of this paragraph II(d) to another use; provided, however, that the amount of acres counted for a given year may be reduced proportionately to the extent that the actual diversion and use of water under the transferred water right during that year are less than the total diversion and use allowed by the order approving such transfer;

(e) From storing or permitting the storage of more than a total amount of 18,000 acre-feet of water for irrigation purposes from the North Platte River and its tributaries above Pathfinder Reservoir between October 1 of any year and September 30 of the following year, exclusive of Seminoe Reservoir.

III. The State of Wyoming, its officers, attorneys, agents, and employees, be and they are hereby severally enjoined from storing or permitting the storage of water in Path-finder, Guernsey, Seminoe, Alcova, and Glendo Reservoirs and the Inland Lakes otherwise than in accordance with the relative storage rights, as among themselves, of such reservoirs, which are hereby defined and fixed as follows:

First, Pathfinder Reservoir;

Second, Inland Lakes with the same priority date as Pathfinder Reservoir;

Third, Guernsey Reservoir;

Fourth, Seminoe Reservoir;

Fifth, Alcova Reservoir; and Sixth, Glendo Reservoir;

Provided, however, that water accruing in priority to the storage right of a reservoir listed above, and water accruing to the Glendo Reservoir reregulating space pursuant to paragraph XVII(g), may be physically stored in, released from, or exchanged with another reservoir so long as the water is accounted in accordance with the foregoing rule of priority and only when such storage, release, or exchange

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