Nebraska v. Wyoming, 534 U.S. 40, 10 (2001)

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Cite as: 534 U. S. 40 (2001)

Appendix to Decree

will not materially interfere with the administration of water for irrigation purposes according to the priority decreed for the French Canal and the State Line Canals. Further, in accordance with the opinion of this Court dated April 20, 1993 (507 U. S. 584), the United States has the right to divert 46,000 acre-feet of water during the nonirrigation season months of October, November, and April for storage in the Inland Lakes. Historically, pursuant to annual agreements entered in the discretion of the parties, such diversions have occurred at a rate not exceeding 910 cubic feet per second from gains accruing to the river downstream of Alcova Reservoir. This right shall be administered in accordance with procedures to be reviewed and adopted annually by the North Platte Decree Committee.

IV. The State of Wyoming, its officers, attorneys, agents, and employees, be and they are hereby severally enjoined from storing or permitting the storage of water in Path-finder, Guernsey, Seminoe, Alcova, and Glendo Reservoirs, and from the diversion of natural flow water through the Casper Canal for the Kendrick Project between and including May 1 and September 30 of each year otherwise than in accordance with the rule of priority in relation to the appropriations of the Nebraska lands supplied by the French Canal and by the State Line Canals, which said Nebraska appropriations are hereby adjudged to be senior to said five reservoirs and said Casper Canal, and which said Nebraska appropriations are hereby identified and defined, and their diversion limitations in second feet and seasonal limitations in acre-feet fixed as follows:

in Sec.
in Acre-Feet

Tract of 1,025 acresFrench152,227
Mitchell Irrigation DistrictMitchell19535,000
Gering Irrigation DistrictGering19336,000
Farmers Irrigation DistrictTri-State748183,050
Ramshorn Irrigation DistrictRamshorn143,000


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