Nebraska v. Wyoming, 534 U.S. 40, 19 (2001)

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Appendix to Decree

storage allocation in Glendo Reservoir, so long as the use is below Glendo Reservoir and within the Platte River basin.

(d) Glendo Reservoir storage water may be consumptively used in Wyoming by exchange or other means, upstream of Glendo Reservoir under the terms of this paragraph. For every two acre-feet of Glendo storage water diverted upstream of Glendo Reservoir pursuant to such an exchange, all of which may be fully consumed, an additional acre-foot of Wyoming's Glendo storage allocation shall be contracted at the same time for storage and release from Glendo Reservoir and passed through Guernsey Reservoir to the North Platte River. Except as may be modified in accordance with paragraph XVII(e), or by agreement of the parties, such additional water shall be released from the reservoir at the same time and at a rate proportionate to the diversion of the water contracted for use upstream from Glendo Reservoir during the irrigation season. During the nonirrigation season, due to operational constraints of the outlets at Guernsey Reservoir, such additional water will be held in the Glendo account and released prior to the first of May as may be operationally practical. Except as provided in paragraph XVII(e), once released, such additional water shall be considered natural flow water for purposes of the 75/25 apportionment specified in paragraph V.

(e) If the valid exercise or enforcement of federal law or authority requires Wyoming or a water user within Wyoming to cause the release of a portion of Wyoming's Glendo allocation for environmental purposes downstream of Glendo Reservoir, the additional water contracted and released under paragraph XVII(d) may be dedicated to and used for that purpose. Any water released pursuant to such requirement shall not be considered natural flow but shall be administered and protected as storage water in accordance with state law within both Wyoming and Nebraska until used for its intended purposes.

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