Ex parte YOSHIYUKI MIYAYAMA et al. - Page 3

                Appeal No. 96-0576                                                                                                            
                Application 07/846,231                                                                                                        

                               (a) decoding a first part of an instruction from the                                                           
                               instruction set;                                                                                               
                                 (b) determining if said instruction requires at least                                                        
                                 one of a READ and a WRITE operation;                                                                         
                                 (c)sending a request to both the MCU and the IOU to                                                          
                                 enter the READ/WRITE state if it is determined in                                                            
                                 step b that a READ and/or a WRITE is required;                                                               
                                 (d) decoding the remainder of the instruction to                                                             
                                 determine the address(es) to be accessed by the READ                                                         
                                 and/or WRITE operation;                                                                                      
                                 (e) decoding the address(es) to be accessed, the                                                             
                                 decoding performed by at least one of the MCU and the                                                        
                                 IOU to determine whether the access is directed                                                              
                                 toward memory or I/O devices; and                                                                            
                                 (f) cancelling one of said requests to the MCU and IOU                                                       
                                 based on the results of said decoding step (e).                                                              
                         The Examiner relies on the following references:                                                                     
                Stinson et al. (Stinson)                          4,757,439                July 12, 1988                                      
                         Claims 1 through 9 stand rejected under 35 U.S.C.  103 as                                                           
                being unpatentable over Stinson.                                                                                              
                         Rather than reiterate the arguments of Appellants and the                                                            
                Examiner, reference is made to the briefs  and answer for the        2                                                        

                         2Appellants filed an appeal brief on January 27, 1995.  We                                                           
                will refer to this appeal brief as simply the brief. Appellants                                                               
                filed a reply appeal brief on July 10, 1995.  We will refer to                                                                
                this reply appeal brief as the reply brief.  The Examiner                                                                     
                responded to the reply brief with a letter, mailed August 16,                                                                 
                1995, stating that the reply brief has been entered and                                                                       
                considered but no further response by the Examiner is deemed                                                                  

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