Ex parte MIYAZAWA et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 96-1805                                                          
          Application 08/200,432                                                      

               This is an appeal from the decision of the examiner finally            
          rejecting claims 1 and 3 through 21.  Claim 2 has been canceled.            
          No claims have been allowed.                                                
               The appellants' invention is directed to a method of forming           
          a bonded wafer such as those used in semiconductors.  The subject           
          matter before us on appeal is illustrated by reference to claim             
          1, which reads as follows:                                                  
               1.  A method of wafer bonding for forming a bonded wafer by            
          bonding together wafers with sticking forces of surfaces of said            
          wafers, said method being carried out in cooperation with an                
          apparatus having a chamber with a gas inlet and a gas outlet, a             
          first chuck for holding a first wafer, a second chuck for holding           
          a second wafer and moving said second wafer to said first wafer,            
          said chamber including a pressure application bar for contacting            
          at least one of said first and said second wafers, the method               
          including the steps of:                                                     
               setting a pressure of gas between said first and said second           
          wafers before starting a sticking of said wafers to be below                
          atmospheric pressure;                                                       
               filling a space between said first and said second wafers              
          before the start of sticking of surfaces of said wafers with a              
          gas having a lower viscosity than air;                                      
               moving said second wafer to face said first wafer and                  
          releasing said second wafer from said second chuck, and                     
               applying pressure on said second wafer by said pressure                
          application bar.                                                            
                                   THE REFERENCES                                     
               The references relied upon by the examiner to support the              
          final rejection are:                                                        


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