Ex parte MIYAZAWA et al. - Page 6

          Appeal No. 96-1805                                                          
          Application 08/200,432                                                      

          without Goesele.  The "admitted prior art" designated by the                
          examiner constitutes portions of the appellants' specification on           
          pages 2 and 8, and the system shown in Figures 4A through 4D.  It           
          is here that the appellants discuss methods of bonding utilized             
          in the prior art, and the problems which the appellants believe             
          remain unsolved by them, including the elimination of gas bubbles           

          between the bonded wafers, which is the objective of their                  
          invention.  Insofar as the requirements set forth in the preamble           
          of claim 1 are concerned, the admitted prior art fails to                   
          disclose a chamber with a gas inlet and a gas outlet, as well as            
          a second chuck for holding the second wafer and moving it to the            
          first wafer.  The admitted prior art also fails to teach the                
          steps of setting a pressure of gas below atmospheric pressure               
          between the first and second wafers before starting a sticking of           
          the wafers, and filling a space between the first and second                
          wafers before the start of sticking of surfaces of the wafers               
          with a gas having a lower viscosity than air.  These inadequacies           
          are admitted by the examiner on page 6 of the Answer.                       
               It is the examiner's position that one of ordinary skill in            
          the art would have understood that some means was necessary for             
          holding the second of the two wafers shown in the appellants'               


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