Ex parte MIYAZAWA et al. - Page 7

          Appeal No. 96-1805                                                          
          Application 08/200,432                                                      

          prior art Figures 4A through 4D, and for moving the second wafer            
          toward the first wafer, that is, from the position shown in                 
          Figure 4A to that of Figure 4B, where it is acted upon by the               
          pressure application bar (Figure 4C).  As evidence of this, the             
          examiner points to Wells, wherein first and second wafers are               
          held by means of vacuum upon a pair of chucks which are movable             

          toward one another to effect the bonding operation (Figure 1 and            
          column 1, lines 62 and 63).  We agree that these features were              
          known in the art at the time of the appellants' invention.  We              
          also agree with the examiner that Wells further teaches that the            
          bonding operation can be accomplished in an enclosure, noting               
          also, however, that the precise teaching of Wells is that this              
          "enclosure" include all of the mechanisms for bonding the wafers            
          together, including "scrubbing, spin drying, crystal orientation            
          and joining" (column 4, lines 11 through 15).  Also, there is no            
          teaching in Wells that an atmosphere of reduced pressure is                 
          provided, or that the enclosure is filled with a gas other than             


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