Arizona Revised Statutes Title 13 - Criminal Code

Article 1 Prevention of Offenses

Article 2 Security to Keep the Peace

Article 3 Registration of Sex Offenders and Offender Monitoring

Article 4 Close Pursuit

Article 5 Uniform Criminal Extradition Act

Article 6 Authority of Peace Officers Outside Geographical Area of Agency

Article 7 Arrest

Article 8 Search Warrant

Article 9 Search of the Accused

Article 10 Disposition of Seized Property in Custody of Magistrate or Peace Officer

Article 11 Preliminary Hearings

Article 12 Bail

Article 13 Trials

Article 14 Procedures on Issue of Insanity of Defendant

Article 16 Costs, Fees, and Disposition of Fines and Forfeitures

Article 17 Insanity or Pregnancy of Person Under Death Sentence

Article 18 Appeals

Article 19 Entry of Clearance on Records

Article 20 Competency and Privileges

Article 21 Attendance of Witnesses

Article 22 Material Witnesses

Article 23 Uniform Act to Secure the Attendance of Witnesses From Without a State in Criminal Proceedings

Article 24 Deposition of Witness Within the State

Article 25 Deposition of Witness Without the State

Article 26 Habeas Corpus

Article 27 Crime Victim Accounts

Article 28 Retention and Preservation of Biological Evidence

Article 29 Post-Conviction Relief

Article 30 Child Witnesses

Article 31 Complaints

Article 32 Cold Cases

Article 33 Authority to Seize Animals

Last modified: October 13, 2016