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              Appeal No. 95-3658                                                                                                                          
              Application 07/777,877                                                                                                                      

              Answer, page 3).  We agree.  The examiner's response to the arguments confuses rather than simplifies the                                   

              rejection in terms of what modification is being proposed and will be discussed later.                                                      

                       Eaton describes that the addresses of defective main rows and column lines are stored or                                           

              programmed in fuse circuitry in the RAM during probe testing (e.g., column 2, line 62 to column 3, line 6).                                 

              This circuitry is equivalent to the claimed first and second register means because it stores addresses                                     

              electronically.  Structures in Harns and Eaton that perform the claimed functions are presumed to be                                        

              equivalent to structures disclosed to correspond to the claimed means under 35 U.S.C.  112, sixth                                          

              paragraph, absent argument to the contrary.  See Examination Guidelines for Claims Reciting a Means or                                      

              Step Plus Function Limitation In Accordance With 35 U.S.C.  112, 6th Paragraph, 1162 Off. Gaz. Pat.                                        

              & Trademark Office 59, 59-60 (May 17, 1994) (Guidelines).  Manifestly, Eaton must have structure for                                        

              applying the column and row addresses from the testing system to the address stores.  The spare column                                      

              decoders (SCD) and spare row decoders (SRD) in Eaton are coupled to the address storing circuitry and                                       

              function to substitute spare columns and spare rows (column 2, line 62 to column 3, line 19).  Thus, the                                    

              SCD and SRD and their accompanying circuitry in Eaton constitute "means coupled to said registers for                                       

              substituting said redundant column and row lines" (claim 1).  Harns has column and row mask RAMs 171                                        

              and 172 that hold the addresses of columns and rows selected for replacement according to the broad                                         

              algorithm recited in claim 1.  It would have been obvious to the artisan to substitute a chip such as Eaton                                 

              for the memory DUT in Harns and to store the addresses of defective columns and rows from Harns in the                                      

              chip address circuitry because such chips require the addresses of defective columns and rows so that                                       

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