Ex parte KAHLE et al. - Page 6

        Appeal No. 96-1426                                                              
        Application 08/001,863                                                          

        ALU, where the inputs AI0, AI1, and AI2 are shown in figures 7A,                
             Vassiliadis describes that "[a]ddress generation can also be               
        affected by data hazards which will be referred to as address                   
        hazards, AHAZ" (column 15, approx. lines 42-44).  Address                       
        instructions can have two source operands, e.g., R1 and R5 in the               
        instruction S R3, D(R1,R5) (column 15, line 55).  The data                      
        dependencies in pairs of instructions which include an address                  
        instruction can be collapsed following similar procedures to                    
        those described above for pairs of logical and arithmetic                       
        instructions.  Vassiliadis states (column 15, line 64 to                        
        column 16, line 2):                                                             
                  For an interlock collapsing ALU, new operations arising               
             from collapsing AHAZ interlocks must be derived by analyzing               
             all combinations of instruction sequences and address                      
             operand  conflicts.    Analysis  indicates  that  common                   
             interlocks, such as the ones contained in the above                        
             instruction  sequences,  can  be  collapsed  with a                        
             four-to-one ALU.                                                           
        Vassiliadis also discloses a branch hazard-collapsing ALU                       
        (column 17, lines 1-45).                                                        
             It is not clear whether the examiner believes that                         
        Vassiliadis is doing the same thing as the claimed invention or                 
        only finds that the claims, as presented, happen to read on                     
        Vassiliadis.  To start with, the examiner finds that "Vassiliadis               

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