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        Appeal No. 96-1426                                                              
        Application 08/001,863                                                          

        examiner's reliance on the address hazard-collapsing ALU in                     
        Vassiliadis as teaching N+1 operands is misplaced.  It is true                  
        that the address instructions are shown with two source operands                
        instead of one for the logical and arithmetic instructions.                     
        However, Vassiliadis handles sequences with address instructions                
        having two source operands in the same manner as logical and                    
        arithmetic instructions having one operand:  collapsing the data                
        dependencies using a special ALU, in this case one with four                    
        inputs.  Nothing in Vassiliadis suggests eliminating some data                  
        dependencies for operands with interlock hardware and then                      
        awaiting execution of all previous instructions prior to the                    
        remaining instruction operands.                                                 
             It is admitted that "[o]ne technique for ensuring that such                
        so-called 'data dependency hazards' do not occur is the                         
        restriction of the dispatching of a particular instruction until                
        such time as all preceding instructions have been dispatched"                   
        (specification, page 3).  It is stated that "the method and                     
        system of the present invention processes three source operand                  
        instructions by delaying dispatch of such instructions until all                
        preceding instructions have completed, eliminating possible data                
        dependency hazards" (specification, page 10).  Thus, the                        
        condition of delaying dispatch until all preceding instructions                 

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