General Laws of Massachusetts - Part I Administration of the Government

Title I. Jurisdiction and Emblems of the Commonwealth, the General Court, Statutes and Public Documents

Title II. Executive and Administrative Officers of the Commonwealth

Title III. Laws Relating to State Officers

Title IV. Civil Service, Retirements and Pensions

Title V. Militia

Title VI. Counties and County Officers

Title VII. Cities, Towns and Districts

Title VIII. Elections

Title IX. Taxation

Title X. Public Records

Title XI. Certain Religious and Charitable Matters

Title XII. Education

Title XIII. Eminent Domain and Betterments

Title XIV. Public Ways and Works

Title XV. Regulation of Trade

Title XVI. Public Health

Title XVII. Public Welfare

Title XVIII. Prisons, Imprisonment, Paroles and Pardons

Title XIX. Agriculture and Conservation

Title XX. Public Safety and Good Order

Title XXI. Labor and Industries

Title XXII. Corporations

Last modified: September 11, 2015