Arizona Revised Statutes Title 49 - The Environment

Article 1 Department of Environmental Quality

Article 2 Community Right-to-Know Act and Hazardous Materials Emergency Response

Article 3 Environmental Nuisances

Article 4 Remediation Standards

Article 5 Voluntary Remediation Program

  • § 49-171 Definitions
    A. In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Characterization" means a process to determine the nature, degree and extent of contaminants...
  • § 49-172 Applicability
    A. Except as provided in subsection B of this section, any person may request the department to review and approve work to be performed...
  • § 49-173 Application Requirements
    A. Each application to participate in a voluntary remediation program shall contain the following information: 1. The name and address of the person filing...
  • § 49-174 Application Review And Approval
    A. After receipt of an application submitted pursuant to section 49-173, the department shall promptly review the application and approve, deny or request modifications...
  • § 49-175 Work Plans
    A. A work plan to address a release of a contaminant to the environment shall include the following: 1. A summary of existing information...
  • § 49-176 Community Involvement Requirements
    A. A work plan submitted pursuant to section 49-175 shall include a plan to provide to the public reasonable notice and information regarding the...
  • § 49-177 Work Plan Review And Approval
    A. After receipt of a work plan submitted pursuant to section 49-175, the department shall expeditiously review, approve, deny or request modifications to the...
  • § 49-178 Termination And Withdrawal
    A. An applicant may withdraw from the voluntary remediation program at any time. B. After complying with subsection C of this section, the department...
  • § 49-179 Application Fees; Reimbursement Of Costs Of Review
    A. Each application submitted under section 49-173 shall be accompanied by a nonrefundable fee to be established by rule. B. An applicant shall reimburse...
  • § 49-180 Modification Of Work Plan
    A. An applicant may propose a modification to a work plan at any time by submitting an amended work plan or portions of the...
  • § 49-181 Requests For No Further Action Determination
    A. Upon achieving the remediation levels and controls determined pursuant to section 49-175, subsection B, an applicant approved pursuant to section 49-174 may request...
  • § 49-182 Approval Of Remediations For Cost Recovery
    Any work necessary to conduct remediation pursuant to this article may qualify as a remedial action for purposes of section 49-285. Any person may...
  • § 49-183 Insurance
    Insurance coverage shall not be denied an insured solely on the basis of the insured's participation in the voluntary remediation program pursuant to this...
  • § 49-184 Reservation Of Rights
    A. Nothing in this article may be construed to abridge or alter any right a person may have to engage in remedial action pursuant...
  • § 49-185 Appeals And Dispute Resolution
    A. Under this article, only the denial or rescission of a no further action determination is an appealable agency action as defined in section...
  • § 49-186 Rules; Program Termination; No Licensing
    A. The department shall adopt rules as necessary to implement section 49-179. The adoption of rules under this section is not a prerequisite for...
  • § 49-187 Voluntary Remediation Fund
    A. The voluntary remediation fund is established. The director shall administer the fund. The fund consists of monies from the following sources: 1. Fees...
  • § 49-188 Department Access To Private Property
    A representative of the department who enters private property pursuant to this article or pursuant to an agreement entered into pursuant to this article...

Article 6 Regulation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Article 7 Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 1.1 Brownfields Cleanup Revolving Loan Fund Program

Article 2 Water Quality Standards

Article 2.1 Total Maximum Daily Loads

Article 3 Aquifer Protection Permits

Article 3.1 Arizona Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Program

Article 4 Enforcement

Article 5 Remedial Actions

Article 6 Pesticide Contamination Prevention

Article 7 Water Quality Appeals

Article 8 Dry Wells

  • § 49-331 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Department" means the department of environmental quality. 2. " Director" means the director of...
  • § 49-332 Registration
    A. A person who owns an existing dry well that is or has been used for disposal shall register the well on a registration...
  • § 49-333 Regulation Of Dry Wells; License To Drill
    A. The director may adopt rules establishing standards for new and existing dry wells pertaining to their performance, operation, construction, design, closure, location and...
  • § 49-334 Enforcement And Penalties; Appeals
    A. If the director determines that a person is violating this article or any rule adopted pursuant to this article the director may issue...
  • § 49-335 Rules
    The director shall adopt rules necessary to provide procedures for the administration of this article and to implement the program for the regulation of...
  • § 49-336 Exemption; Golf Courses
    Provisions of this article shall not apply to dry wells used in conjunction with golf course maintenance.

Article 9 Potable Water Systems

Article 10 Sewage Treatment Plants

Article 11 Local Stormwater Quality Programs

Article 12 Local Water Pretreatment

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2 State Air Pollution Control

Article 3 County Air Pollution Control

Article 5 Annual Emissions Inspection of Motor Vehicles

Article 7 Emissions Control

Article 8 Travel Reduction Programs

  • § 49-581 Definitions
    In this article, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. " Alternate mode" means any mode of commute transportation other than the single occupancy motor...
  • § 49-582 Travel Reduction Program Regional Task Force; Composition
    A. A travel reduction program regional task force is established in area A for the purposes prescribed in this article. The regional public transportation...
  • § 49-583 Duties And Powers Of The Task Force
    A. The task force shall review and approve the baseline survey distributed to major employers for the purpose of collecting data on employee commuting...
  • § 49-584 Staff Duties
    The staff shall provide support to the task force and the major employers. The staff shall: 1. Provide assistance to each employer in coordinating...
  • § 49-587 Voluntary Participation
    Nonmajor employers or groups of nonmajor employers are encouraged to participate in data collection and information dissemination efforts and in the preparation of their...
  • § 49-588 Requirements For Major Employers
    A. In each year of the regional program each major employer shall: 1. Provide each regular employee with information on alternate mode options and...
  • § 49-589 Variances
    A. The task force shall appoint from its members a committee to serve as a hearing board for major employers requesting variances from all...
  • § 49-590 Requirements For High Schools, Community Colleges And Universities
    A major employer that is a high school, community college or university, in developing its survey, travel reduction plan or travel reduction program, shall...
  • § 49-591 Exemptions
    A. Employers opening for business, or hiring, relocating or otherwise adding employees so as to become subject to the requirements of this section within...
  • § 49-592 Appeals
    A. Any major employer or resident of the political subdivision may appeal a decision of the task force to authorize or withhold variances or...
  • § 49-593 Violations; Civil Penalties
    A. On determining a violation of this article the board shall request the county attorney to take appropriate legal action. B. Violations of any...

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2 Planning and Assistance

Article 3 Solid Waste Services

Article 4 Regulation of Solid Waste

Article 5 Enforcement

Article 6 Violations and Penalties

Article 7 Management of Used Oil

Article 8 Arizona Recycling Program

Article 9 Management of Special Waste

Article 10 Solid Waste Fee Fund

Article 1 Hazardous Waste Disposal at State Sites

Article 2 Hazardous Waste Management

Article 3 Sites for Waste Facilities; Notification

Article 4 Pollution Prevention

Article 5 Pollution Prevention for State Agencies

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2 Underground Storage Tank Tax

  • § 49-1031 Imposition Of Tax
    (Rpld. 1/1/24) A. From and after July 1, 1990, there is imposed and the director shall collect an excise tax on the operation of...
  • § 49-1032 Return And Payment Of Tax; Due Date
    A. The tax levied under this article is due and payable annually on or before March 31 for the preceding calendar year and is...
  • § 49-1033 Extensions; Abatement
    A. The director, for good cause, may extend the time for making any return required by this article and may grant such reasonable additional...
  • § 49-1034 Audits
    The director may require a person who is required to pay the tax under this article to appear, at reasonable times and on reasonable...
  • § 49-1035 Interest; Penalty; Lien
    A. If the tax, or any portion of the tax, is not paid on or before the date prescribed for its payment, the director...
  • § 49-1036 Remission And Disposition Of Revenues
    The director shall promptly deposit, pursuant to sections 35-146 and 35-147, all monies collected under this article and shall credit these payments to the...

Article 3 Underground Storage Tank Revolving Fund Payment Process

Article 4 Grants

  • § 49-1071 Grants; Purposes; Priority
    A. Subject to the availability of monies in the underground storage tank revolving fund that are annually allocated by the director for each of...

Article 5 Certification

Article 6 Underground Storage Tank Informal Appeals and Underground Storage Tank Policy Commission

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 2 Clean Water Revolving Fund, Drinking Water Revolving Fund and Hardship Grant Fund Financial Provisions

Article 3 Water Supply Development Revolving Fund Financial Provisions

Article 1 General Provisions

Article 1 General Provisions

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